Allicia Campbell is named the new vice president for Central Canada (Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) of Pacific Marine Underwriting Managers. She will be based in PMU’s London, O.N. office and will report to Jim Ball, President of PMU based in Burnaby, B.C.

Allicia brings a level of expertise essential to the future growth of PMU. She has been part of the PMU team for six years. Allicia is thrilled and prepared to transfer to her new role after receiving training and mentoring from VP MaryKate Townsend. She has a strong underwriting history in the leisure craft industry we service and has been working directly with our brokers in Central Canada. Allicia and her team will continue to provide excellent customer service, sound underwriting guidelines, and broker training to serve the broker community.

“I‘m excited to take on this new level of responsibility and am looking forward to helping the company grow in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan”.

“Carrying on the legacy of MaryKate, my top priorities are nurturing our broker relationships and improving our product offerings. I am looking forward to working with our brokers to help them maintain and grow their pleasure craft business.”

Big thanks to MaryKate Townsend for her 9 plus years of PMU service. MaryKate started out as a junior underwriter and was continually promoted through the ranks to VP Central Canada. Over the years, MaryKate has played an integral role in growing our broker relations and a pivotal role in mentoring the next generation of Pacific Marine underwriters.

Fitting for MaryKate’s career, she will be heading to Lloyds Canada as part of the market development team. Brokers who know MaryKate, will continue to see her sunny smile!

Allicia Campbell
VP of PMU Central Canada
Phone: 416-607-7087

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