When purchasing boat insurance in Canada your marine insurance policy will have a territorial limit. This indicates the locations and geographic areas that your boat will be insured under the regular policy limits. If you want to sail, motor or cruise through the US or navigate the Caribbean Sea, Pacific Marine Underwriting Managers Ltd. can assist. If you are planning to take your boat out of your home territorial waters please advise your broker. We want to make sure you have adequate coverage and you can take an adventure worry free.

Navigational Territories

Western Canada: In Western Canada navigation is permitted within coastal waters of British Columbia, Puget Sound and adjacent waters, Southeastern Alaska and navigable inland rivers and lakes of Continental North America. Should you wish to captain your boat to southern territories or to transport it to farther locations you will need to add territorial extensions to your policy.

Ontario & Québec: Personal boats and pleasure craft can be used within navigable inland and coastal waters of Canada and USA. Unless the policy is endorsed to include Extended Navigation Limits, the vessel can only be used within navigable inland and coastal waters of Canada and United States of America North of latitude forty degrees North, no further than one hundred and sixty kilometers from shore. Many boaters in Ontario like to venture along the intracoastal waters to Florida and destinations further south. These trips require extended navigation limits.

Southern Waters, US and Caribbean

Your marine insurance policy can be extended to cover one or more of the following extended navigation limits. These extended navigation limits are subject to additional premiums, southern navigation experience and proper hurricane protection measures. Please refer to the types of insurance.

  • Atlantic coast waters
  • Intra-coastal waters
  • inland waters between the St. Lawrence River and Key West, Florida, including the Dry Tortugas and the Gulf Coast
  • The Mississippi Inland Waterway
  • The coastal and Gulf Intra-coastal waters from Louisiana to Florida
  • The Bahamas Islands including the waters surrounding the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • Cuba and its territorial waters (Canadian Flagged Vessels Only)

For the purpose of this Extension, the term “Mississippi Inland Waterway” includes the Ohio River, Tennessee River, Cumberland River, Black Warrior River, and Tombigbee Waterway.

  • The North and Eastern Caribbean Sea from the Turks and Caicos Islands to Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Southern and Western Caribbean Sea
  • Venezuela
  • The Lesser Antilles, Columbia
  • Panama to the Gulf of Mexico,
  • Does not include the Panama Canal
  • The Island of Bermuda

For those snowbirds looking to spend the winters in the sunshine state, an extension is available for small trailered vessels by inland transport. Ask your broker for options.

Your boat is a significant financial and emotional investment. Travelling the inland waterways and the high seas can be an adventure of a lifetime. Protect your investment and boat with confidence by insuring your boat with a comprehensive marine policy for the territory you will be sailing.


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