There is a saying: When nothing is going right, go fishing! Well the staff at PMU are going fishing this weekend. For those of you who have tried to access our broker portal this week, you may feel like you are in the company of the characters from “Gone Fishing”, Joe Waters (Joe Pesci) and Gus Green (Danny Glover), two bumbling guys trying to get to a much awaited fishing trip. But if you have watched the movie – Gone Fishing you will know that if anything can go wrong it will.

The PMU Gone Fishing movie
The managers at PMU, can relate since we have been plagued by things going wrong with the broker portal this past two weeks. In a comedy of bad luck, the portal was hacked (not seriously) but ironically a rogue movie link was embedded into the website.

In an effort to fend off more pirates (from June), we installed a firewall. Well, it worked so well that it blocked many brokers from being able to issue an “express” policy. So instead of twin outboards, things were moving along like a kicker motor.

And then to top off all of that, some network interruptions, totally interrupted the Quebec and many brokers received portal errors. Kind of a kin to being “skunked” when fishing!

Fisherman’s Trophy

Gone Fishing received a 2.3/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, a low point in Pesci and Glover’s acting career. Even though you may have rated PMU on the low scale this week, we hope you will remember all of our stellar offerings and best in class coverages especially on our Fisherman’s Trophy product.

We are optimistic that the fishing will be great across Canada in August and September, and to wrap up our Ride the Wave 2021 PMU Broker contest we are screening “Fisherman’s Trophy”. An award winning policy with star ratings.

This exclusive Pacific Marine pleasure craft insurance policy, is geared specifically for fishing boats. Higher limit values to protect rods, reels, jigs, rigs, hard/soft baits, tackles, electronics, tools, lines, attractants, nets, waders, leaders, hooks, on board storage supplies, lures and fishing gear. This is a value add program Brokers can offer clients that own extensive fishing equipment and gear
Best in class fishing boat coverage

  • Agreed value
  • Guaranteed replacement cost for 5 years to a maximum 110% of the value of the vessel*
  • No survey requirements on vessels under 30’
  • No deductible applies in the event of a covered loss of fishing equipment
  • Replacement cost settlement on covered losses of fishing equipment
  • Navigational territory extended to 35 degrees North Latitude
    No lay-up restrictions
  • Optional – incident business use for eligible risks
  • Flexible payment options: credit card, cheque, monthly payment plan

Comprehensive coverage

  • $2M Protection & Indemnity included
  • $10,000 Fishing equipment
  • $5,000 Personal effects
  • $5,000 Medical payments
  • $2,000 Emergency expenses
  • $2,000 Loss of use
  • $1,000 Search & rescue
  • $1,000 Fire department expenses
  • $50,000 Personal accident extension

Enter the Ride the Wave Fisherman’s Trophy Contest
Enter to win weekly $100 gift certificates.
And to top it off, it is easy to enter the contest.
1. Quote or bind any Navipro, Fishermans Trophy, Sealuxe, Pontoon policy
2. Bind an Express Policy

Closing credits
We want to thank all of our broker community and partners, for being patient while fishing with PMU. We are working on creating a new broker portal with new and exciting features. We hope to launch that (pun intended) in the late fall 2021. Well after the close of fishing season, but before the next wave of boating activity in 2022!

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