Head out on the Ontario waters this summer without injury

If you are hitting the open waters this July long weekend, don’t forget to brush up on safety tips. The great lakes of Ontario are the best place for relaxing, getting away from it all and having some fun with  water sports. We are here to keep you safe while you make great memories with friends and family.  Boat owners must be careful near the marina and dock, though, to ensure that boating getaways are safe ones.

Docking tips on Ontario lakes

  • If new to boating take some lessons to learn the best docking techniques from the pros.
  • Know the best kind of knots for docking a boat and get proficient at the cleat hitch and the bowline knot.
  • Have bumpers, mooring lines and boat hooks ready before docking.
  • If docking as a visitor call ahead to the dock master who maybe able to help navigate your entrance to the marina and docking your specific boat appropriately.
  • Use forward and reverse at an idle speed when docking and moving your boat near the marina.
  • Keep all body parts in the boat until you have come to a complete stop.
  • Tie the line that holds the boat against the wind first when docking.

 Boating safety precautions

  • Always wear personal flotation devices when on the water, and require them at all times for children and those that cannot swim.
  • Dock at a marina that has standpipes, fire extinguishers, good lighting, surveillance cameras and security measures in place.
  • Do not swim near a marina since boaters cannot see you when they are trying to dock.
  • Wear non-slip shoes on the boat and dock. Flip flops are not a good footwear option on boats.
  • Keep your boat in good condition with all equipment meeting safety standards established in your area.
  • Ensure that the marina has the proper power voltage for your boat.
  • Add fuel to portable tanks on the dock only; never on the deck of your boat.

Avoid fires by doing safety inspections

To avoid a potential fire onboard, inspect fuel hoses and containers on a regular basis to prevent the escaping vapours from going into bilges. Also, check the wiring and all appliances on deck for damage frequently.  As a safety precaution, keep fire extinguishers on deck and fit smoke detectors to the cabin.

Get the best boat insurance in Ontario

Finally, don’t forget to insure your boat. If you need help determining the best insurance for the size of boat and type of boating you do, find your Pacific Marine Underwriters Ltd partner broker. 

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