Boating season is coming up fast in Canada. The launch of the Toronto boat show this week (Jan 18-27, 2019), kicks off a series of boat shows across the country. If you are new to boating we would like to help you get the most of the boat show in your area. Boat shows are called a show for a reason, with exhibits, seminars, demonstrations, entertainment and of course the boats – both indoors and out; there is something for everyone.

Tip # 1 Be prepared to get the most out of a boat show

Even the smallest of boat shows can be overwhelming. Take time in advance to plan your visit or in some cases multiple visits. Decide why you are attending and then plan accordingly.  Are you in the market for a new boat, the latest gadgets, attend some education seminars, learn more about boating? Review the show floor plan and the schedule.

Tip # 2 Wear good walking shoes

One thing at a boat show is that you will be walking for miles. Often boat shows have both indoor and outdoor locations. But keep in mind if you want to walk through new boats, you will need to take your footwear off. So try to wear something that is easy to get on and off.

Tip # 3 Take a small backpack

We all love swag. But even if you leave the vendor goods behind you will want to carry a bottle of water and some snacks. More than likely you will find something to buy!  Having a small backpack allows for hands free and is easier to carry in busy crowds.

Tip # 4  Plan what day(s) to visit to best suit your needs

Many boat shows are conducted longer than a weekend. If you are adverse to crowds plan to go during the week and early mornings are less busy. Boat shows can be over a large floor plan; so you may want to plan to attend over two days.

Tip # 5 Take advantage of the discounts on boat purchases

A boat show is the perfect place to pick up your dream boat. Know which boat is right for your lifestyle and budget. Many suppliers offer show deals. But in order to get the best deal, do your homework in advance. Make sure you are clear on your budget, and include things like taxes, delivery and proper pleasure craft insurance.

Tip # 6 Put a Pacific Marine Broker on your speed-dial

If you decide to sail away with a fishing, pontoon, cruiser, sail boat or yacht, a certified Pacific Marine Broker can give you an insurance quote over the phone for any boat you are looking to buy. Often people think home insurance will cover a boat asset, but that is not the best way to insurance a pleasure craft.

Tip # 7 Have fun & interact

Owning a boat can be life changing and exhilarating. Have fun at the boat show and take time to interact with vendors and exhibitors. The boating community is very friendly and most people are happy to share tips, tricks and wisdom. Now don your deck shoes and get going. Here is a handy list of some popular upcoming boat shows:

Canadian boat shows

Jan 18-27, 2019   Toronto International Boat Show

Feb 6-10, 2019   Vancouver International Boat Show:

Feb 28-Mar 3, 2019 Mid Canada Boat Show

Mar 1-3, 2019  BC Sportsmen’s Show, Abbotsford

Mar 13-17, 2019 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show 

Mar14-17, 2019  Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen’s Show

International boat shows

Jan 19-27, 2019 Boot Düsseldorf International Boat Show– The World’s Largest Boat Show

Jan 25-Feb 2, 2019 Seattle Boat Show 

Feb 14-18, 2019 Miami Boat Show

Feb 16-24, 2019 Detroit Boat Show

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