• Q: What is my broker code?

  • Q: What is the difference between "Agreed Value" and "Actual Cash Value"?

  • Q: Does PMU write vessels with jet drive?

  • Q: Does PMU write liability only policies?

  • Q: Why are surveys required?

  • Q: When are photos and surveys required?

  • Q: How should I submit a claim?

  • Q: What is reimbursement of emergency expenses?

  • Q: Who benefits from the personal accident extension?

  • Q: If a family member uses the insured vessel, do they need to be added to the insurance policy as an additional insured?

  • Q: Do you offer higher limits for Protection & Indemnity liability?

  • Q: If an Insured has equipment on the boat, is it covered under hull & machinery or personal effects? Do I need to add their value on the policy?

  • Q: Do you insure wooden boats?

  • Q: What is the layup period for boats with PMU?

  • Q: What is main difference between an express policy and a yacht policy?