PMU Fisherman's Trophy

This exclusive Pacific Marine pleasure craft insurance policy, is geared specifically for fishing boats. Higher limit values  to protect your rods, reels, jigs, rigs, hard/soft baits, tackles, electronics, tools, lines, attractants, nets, waders, leaders, hooks, on board storage supplies, lures and fishing gear. This is a value add program Brokers can offer clients that own extensive fishing equipment and gear. 

Best in class fishing boat coverageFisherman's trophy insurance

  • Agreed value 
  • Guaranteed replacement cost for 5 years to a maximum 110% of the value of the vessel*
  • No survey requirements on vessels under 30’ 
  • No deductible applies in the event of a covered loss of fishing equipment 
  • Replacement cost settlement on covered losses of fishing equipment 
  • Navigational territory extended to 35 degrees North Latitude 
  • No lay-up restrictions 
  • Optional  - incident business use for eligible risks
  • Flexible payment options: credit card, cheque, monthly payment plan

Comprehensive coverage


  • $2M Protection & Indemnity included
  • $10,000 Fishing equipment
  • $5,000 Personal effects
  • $5,000 Medical payments
  • $2,000 Emergency expenses
  • $2,000 Loss of use
  • $1,000 Search & rescue
  • $1,000 Fire department expenses
  • $50,000 Personal accident extension

Call your broker today and ask about the Fisherman's Trophy package for your fishing boat.