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Do you know that:

  • 43% of Canadians went boating in 2016
  • There are an estimated 8.6 million recreational boats in Canada
  • New boat and engine sales in Canada totaled $2.3 billion in 2016

There is an enormous opportunity to sell pleasure craft insurance in Canada. Becoming a Pacific Marine broker partner is smooth sailing to higher revenues.

Insurance is complicated but becoming a Pacific Marine broker partner is easy and beneficial:

  • Pacific Marine is a leading Canadian underwriter in pleasure craft insurance.
  • Use a preferred underwriter specializing in marine insurance.
  • Instant access to express quotes through our state of the art Broker Connect portal.
  • Premium financing solutions and flexible payment options for your clients.
  • Latest technology for brokers to easily write and bind a policy within minutes - even for novice brokers.
  • Our game is to settle claims, we have your back when a client needs to get back on the water.
  • Bilingual staff, services and website.

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