Competition is fierce for the PMU 2022 broker Game Night

Jun 07, 2022

Yes, it is the end of May and the long weekend should have brought out the sailors suits, the lifejackets, wake boards, fishing gear and jet skis. That may have happened but in most of the country we were bundled up in our winter gear to launch the 2022 boat season. But we have not held back, and we are pleased to launch our 2022 PMU Broker Game Night!  Weekly chances to win great prizes. It may not be a new car, a trip to Fiji, but it might be some great gift cards! 

Who is your favorite game show host?

Who doesn't remember Vanna White in her long silky dresses and beautifully coiffed hair, and her side kick Pat Sajack? Or "Come on down, you are the next contest on the Price is Right, yelled out by Rod Roddy.

The 2022 PMU contest is based on popular game shows. What better way to conduct a  contest but to bring back the nostalgia of popular shows.  Join our PMU game show hosts - MaryKate Townsend, Rola Nasser and Nilanjana Mittra!

April:  Deal or No Deal - Host Rola Nasser
Inspired by the popular game show Deal or No deal, this show will allow you to enter to win on quotes and binds.  So get out there and quote some boat policies! Winners are announced weekly.

May:  Wheel of Fortune - Host MaryKate Townsend
You don't have to spin to win with PMU. We have boat policies that cover the most popular boats. Spin that wheel to fill in the puzzle board:  Safe Harbour - The Right Place to Be!

June: The Bind is Right - Jim Ball
The price is always right at Pacific Marine Underwriting, because we don't sell on price we sell on coverage.  Premium coverage that is.  You don't have to guess with the price on the "Any Number Game", we will quote you a fair price, in a the time it takes to play Pinko!

July:  Family Feud - Host Nilanjana Mittra
Hit up your competition for some friendly rivalry. Who in your area will do the most quote and binds to win this month?

Name one place where you recommend to buy boat insurance?

family feud game board




August: Pacific Marine Squares Host All the PMU Team
Comedy, game show, and hilarity  - that was the theme for Hollywood Squares.   
And if you are old enough to remember this show you can hear Paul Lynde's voice in your head.  But the best episode went to Gilbert Gottfried - You Fool.  

We all look forward to a fun game season with all of our broker partners. If you are not a broker partner it is not too late to sign up!  

And the next contestant (winner) is….