About Pacific Marine Underwriting Managers Ltd.

Pacific Marine Underwriting Managers Ltd. (PMU) is one of Canada’s fastest growing providers of pleasure craft insurance with offices in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Over 700 broker offices across Canada sell Pacific Marine Underwriting Managers Ltd. pleasure craft policies.

PMU started out on the west coast of Canada when Jim Ball, President of Reliance Insurance and Dan Kim embarked on a journey to build a marine brokerage in British Columbia. They had a relationship with Black Gavin & Co.,- a Vancouver based insurance company - since 1937 - with a long-established marine insurance program. The timing was right for both, and Jim bought Black Gavin & Co. From the start in 2000, the company grew consistently eastward to build a network across Western Canada. In 2007, PMU expanded into Ontario, and in 2014 opened up an office in Quebec. We are truly a national and bilingual pleasure craft insurance agency.

PMU is committed to developing innovative online solutions for brokers to help save time and provide exceptional customer service to their clients. By helping brokers meet their business goals, we strive to make a positive impact in communities across Canada.